1960s Tan Pleather Snake Print Coat





This coat is perfect for those who shy away from wearing animal prints for fear they look too 'exotic'. From a distance, this coat just appears to be a light mottled brown.  It isn't until you get closer that you discern that it is actually a snake print.  So, picture yourself trotting discreetly along, looking chic and pulled together in your pleather coat. Then you jump start that bored guy standing next to you at the Starbucks counter when he realizes what that pattern is you have on, and looks at you a little surprised and envious, thinking you must be some kind of model or celebrity, and wondering what other secrets you must  surely harbor because you are just too freaking cool, and obviously way out of his league. Stylized yoke on the front and back, it has two sets of faux pockets - one pair just above the waist, and a larger pair at the hip. Has a three button closure that stops at the belt, and an inverted pleat in the back.  Unfortunately, this baby has a few  issues that keep it from being perfect.  At one time it had epaulets which have been removed; there are four small splits in the vinyl at the collar where it folds against the neck; one grommet is missing from the belt; and the lining has been repaired with fabric in a different color. Even with it's 'character lines' this coat is still fabulous, and won't be a disappointment to someone who appreciates the slight imperfections in life that make us unique. Bust measures 35", waist 32", hip 40", shoulder 15", sleeve 22.5", length 35". $125