1970s Levi 'Big E' Denim Jacket





Growing up in the 1970s in a rural hick town where horses were hitched in front of the Safeway, we still carry a deep affection for the look of the working cowboy - the rugged face beneath a sweat stained straw hat to the slim boot cut jeans cinched at the waist with a big 'ol shiny belt buckle to the well worn boots. The type depicted in Urban Cowboy was a slicked up and polished dude who wouldn't be caught dead in an old jean jacket, but our cowboy wore his denim until it literally was in shreds and no longer serviceable.  This Levi 'Big E' denim jacket has developed some character in the form of fading and fraying on the collar and along the back shoulder seam, but we appreciate things that have acquired grace authentically, whether it's a rough and tumble man or a jacket. Chest measures 46", waist 41", shoulder 20", sleeve 25", length 22". In very good condition with a long stretch of wear still left in it. $95