Vintage Swank Jade Tie Clip





Okay guys, it may be just us, but what is the freaking deal with tucking your tie into your button down shirt???  That's what tie jewelry - tacks, bars and clips - is for. Whatsamatta - didn't your Daddy teach you nothin' 'bout dressin'? Is it because younger men - and we love younger men - don't have a real fashion role model today? Since Cary Grant has apparently not been reincarnated yet, we're going to attempt to teach you ourselves.  Starting with this fabulous jade studded tie bar. It's simple. Just squeeze the little alligator clip at the back, place it approximately two-thirds of the way down the tie, slide it over your tie and the edge of your shirt, and clip the two together to hold them in place.  See, very neat and tidy and well - elegant. The jade is just under 1 cm, about .75 cm, surrounded by a gold toned twisted wire accent, set in a two-toned brushed chrome and shiny gold toned bar. Quite aerodynamic looking. The bar measures 7.5 cm long and about  1.4 cm wide at the center. Flawless condition. The bar itself is not marked, but comes in its original Swank box with the tag indicating it's genuine jade. So make us proud, boys - buy the bar and stop stuffing the tie inside your shirts. sold