Christian Dior Tuxedo Shirt




Defined by tastemakers as the appropriate garb for those events in an individual's life when only a tradition of elegance will do, it wasn't until the late 1800's that the dinner jacket, or tuxedo, replaced tails as formal wear for men. And though the cut and style have altered slightly through the decades, the dinner jacket remains the coat men reach for when dressing up. And, since it follows that you can't wear a formal jacket without a formal shirt - voila - the tuxedo shirt.  This cotton tux shirt by Christian Dior has all the makings for that elegant impression you're striving to create - wing collar, French cuff, and a 12 pleat front for which you'll need a set of studs (try mother of pear). Size is 15 - 32.  Has a faint pink pin dot on the back of the collar and another at the left rear arm seam, otherwise in excellent condition. $55