1970s Pierre Cardin Gray Wool Sport Coat





We think the reason the European cut  has always appealed to us must stem from the psychological trauma we experienced at the hands of Richard, the emotionally retarded boyfriend we endured for nearly three long years. We used to go shopping together, and try as he might to squeeze his 'stocky' little body into a slim Euro cut suit coat, they were always too tight and gaping at the vent over his ass. They always looked so gooood on other tall, handsome builds - you can't blame the little guy for trying. So thanks to the profound education (on fashion and otherwise) Richard provided, we prefer a European cut to this very day. A classic, slim cut sport coat in heathered dove gray wool with a beige chalk stripe, it's a two button cut with a wider lapel; a chest pocket and one at either hip; 4 button cuff and a double vent in the back. Pair it with charcoal slacks or wear it with dark denim jeans. Chest measures 40", shoulder 17", sleeve 25", length 31". Made in France for Pierre Cardin Boutique Line, and in excellent condition.  $165