1970s Tobias Plaid Poly Trousers





If you're too young to remember, you need only refer to reruns of  Saturday Night Live with Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd aping the 'wild and crazy' Festrunk Brothers, trying their level best to snare some 'American fox-es' to understand the draw that Tobias trousers had with young (and not-so-young) men of the mid to late 1970s. Tobias and Angel Flights were the brand of choice for males of the disco era, and these 2 1/2" cuffed poly flares are what every babe-magnet wannabe was zipping into.  A plaid of blue, dark brown, light brown and cream, they have a flat front with two pockets in front, and two welted back pockets - one buttoned.  The best thing we can say about the age of polyester pants is that they're perfect for guys who never learned to sort laundry - you can throw your pants in with your bath towels and socks and they will still come out looking crisp.  Waist measures 36", inseam 33" total length 43".  Excellent condition.  $55