1950s Batik Bermuda Short




Attire for guys hasn't made many drastic revisions over the course of the last 50 years, and by that we mean that unless you're talking about, say a Nike nylon running style short - for men, a bermuda short has pretty much remained a bermuda short.  This cotton batik printed bermuda is classic and conservative - beach boy square in the late 1950's, young republican establishment in the 60's, nerdy classmate in the 70's, and preppy in the '80s. The cut is flat front with a zippered front and belt loops, welted side and back pockets. A hand printed, woven batik in a melange of brown, navy, black, tan and gray, these shorts were specially tailored in Great Britain by Steegan Ltd. for His Lordship in the Grand Bahama Hotel. Waist measures 38", rise measures 14", inseam 9 1/2". Excellent, if not mint condition.  sold