1960s Lace Front Aloha Shirt




"He knew that hurting a woman brings her only closer to you and the more she feels rejected, the more she becomes sure that she is living the greatest love of her life."

Now, we certainly don't remember ever reading this, but we think we are not alone in saying it more or less sums up our early beliefs (who are we kidding? we probably believed it up until about 10 years ago) about men, and especially those of the variety that included ski bum, beach bum, gifted athlete, bad boy, or any combination of the above, particularly if they were good looking - like Moon Doggie, or aloof -  like Kahuna - of the Gidget movies we watched when young. Yes, undoubtedly like other young girls, our emotional dysfunction was formed pretty early in life, and just the sight of this shirt brings it all back with haunting freshness. The cute, sandy blond surfer was also a cruel heartbreaker, and ours wasn't the only heart he carelessly shattered.  A stylized Tiki print in avocado green, sky  blue and white with accents of black and harvest gold, this cotton Aloha shirt, features a split neckline with a lace up front, a raglan shoulder and a patch pocket at the chest. So whether you're a beach bum bad boy, or just like to think you are, this is the shirt to cop the look.  Chest measures 44", sleeve from center back to end of sleeve is 19", length 25".  Made in Hawaii by Malihini, and in excellent condition, sold