1970s Nik-Nik Native American Eagle Print Nylon Shirt




The print of this Nik-Nik reminds us of the cover of our favorite Eagles' LP, On the Border, the last track of which was our favorite Eagles' song - The Best of My Love, which we played endlessly on the stereo at home after school. Anything Native American was hugely popular in the 1970s, and this print epitomizes that genre. A stylized Native American eagle wing print in sunset shades of salmon, tan, amber, violet and marine blue, the feathers spread out over the shoulders front and back, with an eagle in the center of the back shoulder. The body of the shirt with appears to have originally been a dark gray taupe, but has faded in some areas (like collar and cuff) to a plummy taupe. The effect is subtle, but there. The other flaw is a few lighter spots in the front near the last bottom button (pictured below). Vintage Nik-Nik size L, which means the chest measures 44",  waist 37", hip 38", shoulder across back 18.5", sleeve 25.5", total length 29". $75