1960s Bark Cloth Hawaiian Shirt



Living in sunny So Cal, we see a lot of  Hawaiian shirts, worn by both tourists and locals.  And despite the bad rap the Hawaiian shirt has garnered for the American tourist over the years, we think that nasty opinion should be applied exclusively to shirts that aren't vintage. The modern version of the Hawaiian shirt is usually a cheap bastardization of the real deal, and you need only compare the two side by side to see the immediate differences between them. For one, this shirt was made in Hawaii, not China, and the quality shows. Second, the fabric is a sturdy cotton barkcloth, not some chintzy rayon that feels clammy and hot in Summer. So, if you want to look like a cool dude and not a yayhoo during the coming hot months, this shirt is your ticket. Tapa pattern in warm, sepia browns and white, and a touch of yellow gold, with those cute little chinese symbol-embossed metal buttons you only find on vintage hawaiian shirts. Measures 38" at the chest, 16" shoulder to shoulder, sleeve 9", length 26" Bears a Royal Hawaiian,  label, it is in excellent condition.  $75




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