1960s Miller Western Wear Shirt



Though our taste in music tends to run more toward Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band and yes, .38 Special - than say, Toby Keith or Shania - we still love the smell of horses, and get excited when the rodeo comes to town.  Pity the poor women who've never had the opportunity to have a horse snort on you, ogle a nice butt in a slim cut pair of Wranglers, or be on the receiving end of a wide, lazy grin bestowed from beneath a sweat stained Stetson. Yeah, guess you could say we have a soft spot for cowboys, the Western genre, and the vintage Western shirt in particular. This one is a woven cotton blend in a fabric that was made in Japan for Miller Western Wear. There's a lot of texture to the cloth, kind of rugged and rough under your fingertips.  Hmmmm. Okay, anyway, the blue stripe has a dot and diamond pattern in it, with an alternating white stripe. Faux pearl snaps on the saw tooth pocket flaps, up the front, with three on the cuff, a fourth on the sleeve placket.  The back is darted for fit, to emphasize that broad shouldered, long, lean, torso. Size 16 1/2 M, it measures 45/46" at the chest, 19" shoulder to shoulder, sleeve 24", length 30" with an unfinished hem. Excellent condition  $75



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