1960s Woven Reed Orange Clutch





We know there are many women out there who 'invest' in bags, carrying 'serious' bags that are practical and durable, and can sometimes cost a small fortune.  But our belief is that you don't always have to be serious, and what better way to lighten up than with a cute and kitschy little envelope clutch held in your hand?  In a lively orange and ivory woven straw reed, it resembles a folded placemat you've taken from your linen cupboard. The bag has a looped fringe on all the edges, a crocheted ball and loop clasp,  a zippered closure under the flap, and a colorful floral design embroidered in straw on the front. the interior is unlined and has a small slip pocket. Measures 12" wide and 7" high. Life can be short, lighten up and carry something fun. Excellent condition. $25