1960s Gucci Navy Calfskin Handbag




As if the ego-oriented era of the early 1990s wasn't hard enough to stomach, prior to that in the 1980s, we had to suffer the era of the addict.  Whether the vice of choice was alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sex, it became the height of social chic to be able to say one had done a stint at the Betty Ford Clinic.  We must confess that we really don't have a lot of patience for those who like to wear their addictions on their sleeves, unless of course, like us, that person happens to be a Gucci addict, then we think its perfectly essential that you carry your addiction around on your arm for all the world to see. And there really is nothing like vintage Gucci to sate one's hedonistic desires. This navy calfskin bag has accordion gusseted sides that open to reveal three separate interior compartments, plus a slip pocket and a zippered pocket.  The handle attaches to the top of the bag with gold-toned hardware, and the flap closes at the front of the bag with a gold toned clasp with a silver-toned double-G on the front. Measures 9.75" wide by 7.5" tall and it expands up to 4" in width.  Handle has a drop of 6.25" to the top of the bag. In excellent condition, just some light superficial scuffs keep this beauty from being flawless. sold