1970s John Kloss Slinky Gown





We find it amusing that clothing once reserved for certain occasions finds its way into modern mainstream daytime attire. Vintage lingerie and sleep wear are the perfect examples. Are we the only souls who used to have nightmares about turning up at school in our pajamas or underwear, or worse yet - buck naked???  There was a distinct difference between what you wore to bed and what you wore in public. If you saw a nightgown outside the house, something was wrong.  Today that line has become so blurred,  chances are that  no one would give the crazy lady in her flannel pj's a second glance, and it has become acceptable to wear lingerie for occasions other than what it was intended. That said, the nightgowns John Kloss designed for Cira are so close to that line of 'Is it a nightgown or is it a dress?', that they easily slide over into modern day and evening wear. This slinky nylon gown has a mod reggae print in salmon/watermelon, jade green, with touches of tan and white, and is cut like a sleeveless shirtdress with a wide flat collar, a deeply set in shoulder, and a button placket that reaches to the knee. Bust measures 36", waist 33", hip 36", length 58" .  Made by John Kloss for Cira, it is in excellent condition.  $125