1950s Dyed Russian Squirrel Wrap





Fur framing a face has always been a dramatic look, and collars and wraps provide flattering emphasis on a beautiful face.  And though the image of the 'Cool Blonde' in a fair fur was widely popular in the 1950s, there is nothing like a dark fur about the shoulders to set off pale skin (think Ava Gardner vs Grace Kelly).  This dark auburn  fur wrap will provide the dramatic contrast you're looking for. Strips of brown dyed Russian squirrel are stitched together to create a stole that measures 25" from the center back to the end of the front panel, which is about 8" wide. The length from collar to hem at the back is 17". Best on a healthy modern size 4 or average size 6. Circa late 1950s, the stole has slit pockets in the front panels, a silk satin lining, and is in excellent condition. $200