Victorian Watch Fob with Locket



Before the days of plastic wallet photo holders, where would a smitten Victorian gentleman secret away a photograph of his beloved? Why, on his pocket watch fob, you ninny.  This lovely gold filled watch fob has a tiny engraved locket attached to it, which opens to reveal a photograph of the presumed beloved of the original owner - now how cool is that!!??  The double chain has a slide, but doesn't seem to want to move easily, and we didn't force it. In excellent condition, with the exception that the tongue of the fob clasp is loose,  all in all, this is an interesting piece and all the more rare because it still retains the photograph in the locket. Chain measures about 11" long, the locket is about 5/8" by 5/8" square and in hallmarked inside 'SKM & Co'. $65




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