1970s Pale Pieced Mink Coat





The first fur coat we coveted was a floor length red fox coat. The owner was a statuesque blond who happened to be a high-powered new-age minister.  She also drove a yellow Mercedes convertible, of which we were pretty envious as well. Heck, you might as well add to that list the opera length pearls that hung down to her crotch.  Anyway, for years we thought that red fox was the pinnacle, never realizing how entirely impractical a floor length fur really is, not to mention overwhelming.  Yes, it's fine to be wrapped up in your fur - its not good to be engulfed by it. Give us a shorter length with a youthful vibe any day. We don't want to feel as though we're still a little girl stumbling around in high heels, Mommy's fur coat dragging on the floor behind us. This thigh length mink coat is just the ticket.  The lighter color accents the chevron pattern of the pieced mink, and the line is clean and uncluttered. A classic stand-up collar has a single button closure, with three hidden clasp closures down the front.  Full sleeves have a barrel cuff, and hidden vertical pockets at either hip. Fully lined in beige satin, it is in excellent condition.  Bust measures 40", hip 46", shoulder 16", sleeve 26", total length 30".  $315