Bronze Silk Tie Back Top




Inasmuch as Zoran eschews fasteners of any type on his designs, if one of his pieces is going to come together in some manner, you can be damned sure it's going to be done with style. In bronze silk taffeta, this top is deceptively simple and discrete from the front.  Turn around and you see that it knots at the small of the back, and is literally tied on, with the top draping open. Sheer genius. Sleeveless, with a wide scooped neck, pair this with silk chiffon pants and you have one heck of an evening outfit. Pairs beautifully with the khaki linen skirt. But like all the pieces here, mix and match to your little heart's content and you can bet you're going to look fabulous. The size is variable with a bust to 38", waist to a maximum of 36", length shoulder to hem is 19". Suitable for a size 6 to10. Seams are finished with an overcast stitch, and the tags have been removed. Excellent condition. sold