Khaki Linen Skirt




Comfortable styles cut from the most sumptuous of fabrics - whether its cashmere, silk, cotton or linen - you would be hard pressed to find any garment with the hand of a Zoran.  Oh sure, those unfamiliar with his line might be thinking - 'I don't know, looks like J.Jill to me'.  Trust us, until you feel a Zoran garment for yourself,  you won't know what we're talking about. In a dark bronzy hued khaki shade, the texture and drape of this linen skirt is unbelievably soft and supple, and the easy style with an elasticized waist looks fabulous on a body of any age, size or shape. Waist at rest measures 25" to a maximum of about 31", hip 38", length 22". Excellent condition. sold