1970s Levi's Wide Leg Denim Jeans






Our much beloved late 1970s style - high waist; long, wide leg - these jeans flattered almost any body - even if yours wasn't the tiny gymnastics-toned one of the head cheerleader. Darted in back just below the waistband with a u-shaped pocket over the darts at the tush, and a waistband just shy of  2" wide, the fit is smooooth and as good as it gets. Flat, plain front with legs that measure 22.5" at the unfinished hem.  The denim is a medium blue (color in last photo is most accurate), prewashed 100% cotton and soft as a baby's behind. The back right pocket has a white 'LEVI Strauss & Co.' tag stitched to it. Waist 24", hip (bottom of zipper) 33", rise 12", inseam 34" (unfinished hem).  Big 'E' jeans from 1977, they are in unworn condition with tag attached. $95