1970s Zipper Pocket Sweet Heart Seat Jeans



There's a very good reason why Dittos were so enormously popular in their day - they made your tushy look amazing. Pert bottom, big bottom, flat bottom, no bottom - you slipped into a pair of Dittos and your problems were no longer behind you. An interesting take on the Dittos U-butt yoke, these jeans have a back yoke topstitched in a modified heart shape, which makes for an even more flattering tush. The yoke seam continues on down the length of the leg as the side seam and creates a long, lean leg. The front features a pair of zippered pockets (the top one is decorative) on either side of the zipper. Those details coupled with a higher waist, make for one bitchin pair of jeans. A dark indigo denim, they are in excellent, apparently unworn condition. Waist 25", hip (below zipper placket) 36", rise 12", inseam 36". sold