1970s Levi's w/Braided Belt Waist








These jeans bring a memory of two sisters who had been family friends of ours since before the time we were all born, Michele and I the same age, and Tamara a year younger.  Sibling rivalry doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the relationship of those two.  They shared a bedroom, a closet, and their clothes - and fought ferociously over them.  I can still hear the screaming match that ensued one time after Tamara discovered that Michelle had worn a pair of jeans and 'stretched out' the butt.  To our eyes, those jeans looked pretty darn tight over Tammy's hips, but I guess the simple fact that she could get them on with minimal effort was proof enough that Michelle had already relaxed (ruined) the fit.  Anyway, we never viewed jeans the same way again - if they weren't tight, they weren't right.  But these most definitely are.  A terrific pair of Levi's in a soft denim twill, with a higher waistline and a faux braided belt and loop waistband.  Flat front, no pockets, a topstitched yoke in back and straight stovepipe legs make for one nice, long, clean line.  These are the jeans to wear with that vintage nylon midriff halter top, because too much tummy showing is not a good thing.  Waist measures 25", hip 38", rise 12", inseam 33", total length waist to hem 44".  Excellent condition.  $75