1970s Jacques Fath Grey Blouse 






It seems we have reached the age where nothing is sacred any longer. We find ourselves at parties sitting around with other women, comparing leg hair and talking about the pros and cons of circumcision.  So, it comes as little sacrifice to share one of those stories that used to make us cringe, but now serves as a big laugh.  Many years ago, when we were just a naive young girl (no, that's not the funny part) starting a career, we went to an office party in a blouse similar to this one.  There is a very critical difference between the two, which we will divulge later.  Anyway, we were in charge of handing out the drink tickets, and had a huge roll of tickets tucked neatly under our arm as we circulated throughout the room.  A good while into the cocktail hour, a co-worker finally had the decency to sidle up and whisper that our blouse was unbuttoned.  And yes, as it was an asymmetrically buttoned blouse, and the button had come undone smack over the left boob.  And no, we were not wearing a bra.  Come to think of it, I guess this story still makes us cringe. Anyway, the offending blouse was disposed of, and we never could look an asymmetrical shirt in the eye again.  Now for the critical difference between that blouse and this version.  The button holes of that horrid blouse were stitched vertically, and were just begging for the buttons to escape containment. The buttons of this blouse, however, are blessedly stitched horizontally, so the button stays put. Given a somewhat military look, this silky steel gray poly blouse has a stand up collar, with four stitched pleats down either side of the front. A nipped waist in the back gives it curve. Made in France for the Jacques Fath Boutique, it is in excellent condition. Bust measures 34", waist 32", hips 37", shoulder 15", sleeve 23", length 26".  $115