1940s Peep Toe Wedgie Sandal





A shoe of many colors - uh, the four primary colors to be precise - this may well turn into your favorite pair  this Summer. Fashioned (in case you didn't know your primary colors) in bands of red, blue, yellow and green leather, this shoe has a fabulous 3.25" wedge with a .25" platform, and another 1/8" insole, so your heel is actually perched almost 3.75" off the floor. A red leather buckled strap encircles your ankle, anchored to a navy blue heel strap.  The vamp displays some skin near the sole of the foot, and of course, at that cute little peep toe. We're showing the shoe to you with the ankle strap clipped in place so that you can get an idea of how cute that are with the criss-cross in front, but they look so much more fabulous on a foot. No size indicated, it measures 8 3/8" heel to toe sitting on a flat surface, and 3 1/4" across at the ball of the foot. We can get our size 9B foot into it, so it should easily accommodate an 8.5B.  Like other skins that are 60 years old or better, the leather may not be as supple as it once was, but these are in remarkably excellent condition.  $385