1980s Python Skin Pumps




Oh come on, aren't you just so sick of playing it safe with your wardrobe? Honey, aren’t we all! Our favorite remedy to spice up that same old suit is to add a little skin, and these python pumps are so unexpected  with that plaid Oscar de la Renta dress or the tweed Ungaro suit. It's not like you’re wearing crotchless panties to the office, or you’re going to get up at the board meeting and do a table dance or anything like that, but why not keep people guessing – wondering if there isn’t the smallest speck of a chance that you might? Python pumps in beige and dark brown by Charles L’Grand are made in Spain and lined in tan leather. The insole measures 10.5” toe to heel, and 3 1/8” wide and they fit like an average width size 10 with a 3” high heel. In excellent condition with minor wear to the soles. $125