1970s Beged Or Rust Suede Distressed Trench Coat 







At the risk of being thought plebian, we're going to say that we don't get it - why would any sane woman walk into Neiman Marcus and plunk down a few grand for some designer's inspired version of a distressed suede trench when you can get the real deal for considerably less, not to mention avoid the shame of being labeled a fashion whore? Sure, we know some women are reviled by the mere thought of wearing old clothes. But we also know there are others out there who understand that one of the reasons we wear 'old clothes' is because its a creative way to express your own style. And we have just to trench to do it in.  A rust colored suede with all the traditional trench details you expect - double breasted, shoulder epaulets, buckled sleeve bands, brass hardware - distressed with some very light fading on the shoulder, and lightly soiled at the edge of the hem. Bust 36", waist 29", hip 38", shoulder 15", sleeve 23", length 45". Made by Beged Or, it is fully lined and utterly fabulous.  sold